I never thought a single developer could weave an entire narrative for a game, but that’s precisely what’s in store with the upcoming action RPG Aikode. In this game, we step into the shoes of Aiko, a robot created by The Order, navigating the world of Somnium trapped in an unending cycle of death. The story unfolds when Aiko encounters a doll that becomes her guide, leading her through a mesmerizing tale of the future.

Diverse Adventures in Somnium

Aikode promises an engaging experience with colossal bosses, intricate combat mechanics, and a vast world to explore. From cyberpunk metropolises to steampunk cities and faithful replicas of Tokyo, players can traverse this expansive universe on foot, motorcycle, or even take to the skies with their own wings.

Amidst the grand adventure, Aikode introduces a myriad of NPCs with evolving daily behaviors, an elaborate relationship system, and various timelines. The game brings to life a customizable world where players can personalize characters with over 200 clothing and hairstyle options, indulge in arcade games, decorate homes, cook, fish, and engage in diverse activities.

In the game, players will encounter characters like Nia, Emma, Joshua, Ahiko, Izagi, Saya, and more, all accompanied by stunning graphics that enhance the overall experience. While Aikode lacks a specific release date, eager players can anticipate its availability on PC via Steam. Get ready for a unique journey into the imaginative world of Aikode!