Aniplex and Acquire are gearing up to drop the action-packed bombshell, Ancient Weapon Holly, on March 8th. Initially, the game was set to hit the gaming scene for PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam. But hold onto your controllers because the lineup just got a major expansion to include PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch (PS4 release date still in the shadows). Curious gamers can get a taste of the action with the demo already up on Steam.

Unearth the Backstory

Step into a world where advanced civilizations once ruled, and war was as common as a daily respawn. In the chaos of weapon creation, something unique emerged – an autonomous weapon taking the form of a young girl, or as the locals coined it, Holly. With the power to crack the earth and a set of ruthless red eyes, Holly became a force to be reckoned with.

Packed with power, Holly was sealed deep within the earth. Fast forward thousands of years, and Holly awakens in a mystical ruin pulsating with magic. The only thing on her mind? A burning hatred for humans. Now, stripped of her full power, Holly’s out for revenge, wreaking havoc with whatever she’s got left.

Protecting the Sacred Altar: Holly’s Quest

As Holly, players embark on a quest to defend the sacred altar amidst a barrage of challenges and enemies. The game throws players into intense combat situations, where a second’s pause can spell doom. Defeating enemies not only progresses the story but also nets players items for souped-up enhancements. This helps evolve Holly and unlocks new altar functions, adding layers of strategy and gameplay variety.

To pull off a successful revenge tour, players need to get creative – employing tactics like luring enemies into traps. It’s not just about brawn; brains play a crucial role in navigating this revenge-fueled journey.

Get ready to dive into the chaos, dodge the hatred, and let Ancient Weapon Holly take you on a dungeon-crawling rollercoaster across multiple gaming platforms!