Hey there, thrill-seekers! Indie game developer Clapperheads has just dropped a bomb on your routine gaming experience with their latest creation, Zoochosis. Get ready for a spine-chilling night as you step into the shoes of a newbie night keeper at a zoo where things are about to take a terrifying turn.

A Night at the Zoo Like Never Before

In Zoochosis, the spotlight is on you as you navigate the eerie darkness of the zoo armed with nothing but a body camera strapped to your chest. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of fear as you document the spine-tingling events that unfold during your first night on the job. What seems like a routine task of taking care of the animals soon escalates into a nightmare as a mysterious parasite transforms them into bloodthirsty mutants. Your mission? Identify the infected creatures, whip up vaccines, and prevent the parasite from wreaking havoc beyond the zoo walls.

Unleash Your Inner Animal Whisperer

But wait, there’s more! Unlike your typical horror game, Zoochosis throws a curveball by letting players communicate with and care for the animals. From feeding to cleaning up after them, and even giving them a friendly pat, you’re in charge. Every decision you make will be the game-changer, influencing the story’s outcome. So, get ready for a gaming experience where your choices shape the destiny of the characters involved.

Excited? Well, mark your calendars because Zoochosis is set to hit PC via Steam in the second quarter of this year. Get ready to face the fear, make tough choices, and plunge into a night of horror like never before!