Get ready for a delightful gaming experience as solo developer Friedemann introduces “Summerhouse,” a 2D game that lets you immerse yourself in the art of building and decorating houses. The game, set to release on March 8th, promises a visually appealing style, paired with relaxing gameplay and soothing music.

Building a Peaceful Neighborhood

In Summerhouse, you’ll embark on a creative journey, constructing a neighborhood of charming homes in diverse environments—whether it’s the serene seaside, the majestic mountains, or the bustling city district. Unlike traditional games, there are no rules or challenges to conquer. Instead, you’re free to bask in the tranquil atmosphere, allowing your creativity to flow without the pressure of winning or losing.

Personalize Every Detail

Beyond mere window installations or wall constructions, Summerhouse invites you to infuse character into your creations. From mailboxes to drying racks, banners, and more, the game challenges you to add intricate details that make each house uniquely yours. While the interior remains untouched, it’s the captivating 2D and pixelated aesthetics that set Summerhouse apart.

Set to be available on PC through Steam, this game is not just a pastime; it’s an artistic expression, a canvas for your imagination. So mark your calendars for March 8th, and get ready to embark on a journey where relaxation meets creativity in Summerhouse.