Embark on a journey through a vividly detailed fictional world, drawing inspiration from the enchanting Middle East. “Where Birds Go to Sleep” is not just a game; it’s a narrative adventure that brings to life a captivating storyline through beautiful painted art and engaging voice-acted characters.

Shaping Cormo’s Fate: A Smuggler’s Transformation

In this immersive game, you take on the role of Cormo, a former smuggler turned explorer. Venture deep into Cormo’s mind, where you have the power to shape his destiny. Explore taboo topics, challenge his beliefs, or let the narrative take unexpected turns – there’s no such thing as a failed mission. Every “no” opens doors to new possibilities and unique paths, ensuring that your journey remains unpredictable.

Every Decision Counts: A Personalized Journey

Your choices, no matter how seemingly insignificant, leave a lasting impact on the game. The narrative remembers and analyzes every decision, providing you with personalized perspectives. The experimental insight system challenges you to reconsider your experiences, both in and out of the game, offering a dynamic and transformative adventure. Engage in intense conversations where your decisions have the potential to lead you down completely different paths.

Connect with a Diverse Cast: Secrets, Friendships, and Manipulations

Immerse yourself in the lives of deeply fleshed-out characters. Befriend them, uncover their secrets, and decide whether to manipulate or align with their desires. Meet Dunlin, a noble-born young man with unwavering moral and religious principles, in one of the game’s initial encounters.

“Where Birds Go to Sleep” is set to grace PC screens via Steam, with the release date yet to be unveiled. Get ready to shape your destiny and embark on a narrative adventure that goes beyond the ordinary.