Meet Daisy, the feisty cow out for revenge in the thrilling roguelite game, Farm Invaders. This shoot ’em up adventure is inspired by Seraph’s Last Stand, offering a unique gameplay experience where you take control of Daisy, armed to the horns, as you battle waves of relentless aliens.

A Bovine on a Mission

In this game, each playthrough is a chance to experience the chaos with a different character, each possessing their own set of special skills. Join Daisy in her quest for vengeance as you navigate through waves of extraterrestrial invaders. Survive, thrive, and choose your upgrades wisely in this action-packed, farm-fueled frenzy.

Team Up for the Ultimate Showdown

Farm Invaders isn’t just about solo missions. Grab two of your buddies and team up to face the alien onslaught together. With a diverse range of characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities, the cooperative gameplay adds a new layer of excitement. Utilize 40 different items and weapons to tailor your strategy and create a play style that suits your squad’s dynamic.

Get ready to unleash bovine fury on alien invaders when Farm Invaders launches on PC via Steam. Join Daisy and her friends in this barnyard brawl for revenge and survival!