If you’re a fan of classic RPGs with that nostalgic 2-bit pixel art vibe—think Pokémon vibes but with a modern twist—then you absolutely have to keep your eyes peeled for “The Edge of Allegoria.”

Drawing from Classics and Personal Experiences

What really fuels this game’s spirit? Well, it’s a delightful mishmash of inspirations! Of course, the Pokémon games from the Gameboy and Gameboy Color era hold a special place. Those early generations? They’re the ones that got me hooked on gaming, shaping my RPG-loving heart. But that’s not all; titles like Final Fantasy Tactics, Earthbound, Legend of Zelda, and even Elden Ring have left their mark. And let’s not forget the personal touches—my own life’s adventures over the last two years have woven into the game, making it a unique blend of personal and classic.

Joe, the brain behind Button Factory Games, has really poured heart and soul into this.

Embark on an Epic Journey in Allegoria

As you venture through Allegoria, brace yourself to face over 143 quirky foes. From pesky Canada geese and grand turtles to the classic fantasy staples like dragons, unicorns, and those ever-present sliems, every encounter promises a unique challenge. Best them, and you’ll be rewarded with some pretty nifty items. Trade ’em in for gold and use that treasure to arm yourself with top-notch weapons and gear.

Gear Up and Level Up

Surviving and thriving in Allegoria isn’t just about brawn; it’s about brains too! Get savvy with your gear—whether it’s weapons or magical spells, your equipment plays a pivotal role. With a whopping 80+ skills up for grabs and a treasure trove of nearly 150 equipment items, your journey’s all about finding that perfect combo for your battles.

But hey, don’t think you’re alone in this. The folks of Allegoria, while rugged in appearance, are your allies in this quest. They’re there to guide you, maybe throw in a mission or two, helping you amass gold and rare items as you go.

Oh, and mark your calendars! While “The Edge of Allegoria” hasn’t pinned down a release date just yet, it’s set to drop on Steam for PC players. Plus, keep an eye out—come February 1st, there’s a Kickstarter campaign kicking off that promises even more excitement.