Imagine stepping into a captivating 2D adventure where every corner is filled with stories waiting to unfold. That’s exactly what Perennial Order offers, pulling you into a dark, atmospheric realm where you can either embark on this journey solo or team up with a buddy. The visuals? Think of the moody aesthetics reminiscent of beloved titles like Dark Souls and Princess Mononoke.

Confronting Plant-Shaped Bosses and Unraveling Tales

As you navigate through Perennial Order, you’ll encounter more than just scenic views. Brace yourself for unique plant-shaped bosses lurking around unexpected corners, each bringing its own set of challenges. The combat? Intense and Lovecraftian-inspired, demanding your utmost attention to its intricate controls. Make a misstep, and you might just meet your end.

Whether you choose to traverse this world solo or with a friend, Perennial Order offers flexibility with both local and online gameplay options. Along the way, keep an eye out for intriguing NPCs, each carrying their own storylines, adding layers of depth to your enthralling adventure.

Perennial Order should be released on PC via Steam sometime this year.