Imagine a world where you’re not just collecting eggs but raising and evolving dragons! Welcome to Dragonhood, the game that promises adrenaline-pumping battles and epic adventures as you nurture your own dragon squad.

Unleashing Dragons & Confronting Dark Forces

In Dragonhood, you’re not just in it for the fun; you’re on a mission. Your goal? To face off against the menacing dark forces spread across various continents. How? By hatching dragons and taking them through a series of thrilling battles and quests. But hey, these dragons aren’t just your run-of-the-mill creatures. You’ve got the power to customize them with different evolutions, amulets, and abilities. To unlock these cool features, you’ll need to complete a range of missions that keep you on your toes.

Customize, Train, and Conquer

As you journey through dungeons and adventures, your dragons won’t be left behind. Each battle is an opportunity to train and strengthen your dragon squad, and trust me, you won’t leave empty-handed. Expect rich loot and rewards that keep the game exciting and rewarding. With over 50 unique amulets and the art of blacksmithing at your fingertips, you can craft dragons that are as unique as they are powerful.

But wait, there’s more! Dragonhood boasts a diverse lineup of over 30 dragons, each transforming into 24 distinct forms. Plus, each dragon comes with its own perk tree, offering a whopping 100 unique effects. This allows for strategic gameplay where you can tailor your dragons’ abilities to match your style.

Coming Soon to Steam: Get Ready for Dragonhood!

Excited? You should be! Dragonhood is set to launch in the third quarter of this year, and you can join the action on PC via Steam. So gear up, dragon enthusiasts, because a world of adventure, customization, and epic battles is just around the corner!