Gameparic is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the free prologue for El Dorado: The Golden City Builder on Steam, set to hit screens on January 30th. Following a highly praised demo, the studio is taking a giant leap in the game’s development, inviting players to experience the magic of the prologue at no cost.

Embark on the Golden Journey

In El Dorado, immerse yourself in a strategic city-building adventure as you strategize, construct, and nurture your settlement to become the revered city of gold in the Yucatan peninsula. What sets this game apart is the option to curry favor with the gods through offerings and the ability to establish dominance over rival settlements via either peaceful negotiations or conquest.

As the leader, every facet of your territory, from sawmills and temples to housing and barracks, falls under your watchful eye. Smart city planning is key, as each element plays a vital role in the growth of your settlement. Be cautious – neglecting the gods’ worship may invite cataclysms and challenges that impede your progress.

Rule, Build, and Conquer

With the responsibility of your city’s structures on your shoulders, the game offers a dynamic experience where careful planning influences the pace of development. El Dorado: The Golden City Builder challenges you to manage your empire efficiently and navigate through obstacles to emerge victorious.

Look forward to the full version of El Dorado: The Golden City Builder, slated for release later this year on PC via Steam. Get ready to build, conquer, and bask in the glory of a city of gold!