Get ready to traverse an array of diverse worlds in the upcoming action-adventure singleplayer game, Warship Jolly Roger, crafted by Proxima Studio. This gaming gem draws inspiration from the graphic novel of the same name, propelling players into a gripping tale of redemption and rebellion against the iron-fisted rule of President Vexton.

A Cosmic Journey Awaits

Buckle up for a space odyssey where each planet you visit unfolds a tapestry of unique challenges and environments. Whether you find yourself on the icy plains of distant moons or navigating the scorching heat of forgotten suns, your adaptability and resourcefulness are the keys to survival. Along the way, encounter alien species, stumble upon ancient relics, and grapple with cosmic phenomena that either aid or obstruct your quest. Yet, amidst the cosmic chaos, the crux of your triumph lies in the camaraderie and skills of your crew as you embark on daring missions.

Blending Action, Strategy, and Narrative Depth

Warship Jolly Roger seamlessly weaves together action, strategy, and immersive storytelling. Dive into intense space battles, strategize your next moves, and unravel the intricate backstories of each crew member. The game’s narrative focus on characters, set against the backdrop of interstellar conflicts and political intrigue, promises an engaging experience sure to captivate fans of both action and narrative-driven novels.

Meet the formidable crew comprising Jon Tiberius Munro, Alisa Rinaldi, Nikolai Kowalski, and Trace, as you prepare to delve into their individual stories. This cosmic adventure is set to unfold on PC and PlayStation 5, although a specific release date is yet to be unveiled. Stay tuned for an intergalactic escapade that promises to redefine the boundaries of gaming narratives.