Remember when Faeland first made waves on Kickstarter back in 2018? Well, the folks at Talegames have been grinding away, and voila! Faeland hit the scene on December 5, 2023. Now, if you’re wondering how long this adventure lasts, brace yourself—it’s around 3 hours of gameplay for now. But hang tight! More content’s in the pipeline. Jump in early, and you’ll be treated to a growing epic.

First off, let’s talk visuals. Faeland rocks that nostalgic 8-bit charm but with a modern twist. Honestly, I was blown away by how stunning pixel graphics can be. Plus, the characters? They’re anything but flat. You’ll feel their emotions, whether it’s joy, pain, or heartbreak, as you dive into this world.

Dive into Faeland’s Lore

Fast forward a thousand years after a catastrophic civil war led by The Fae, and you’ve got the backdrop for Faeland. Our hero, Sam, is thrust into action when his home faces monstrous threats. From eerie caves to dense forests and mysterious dungeons, the world of Faeland is alive and bustling with details. And let’s not forget the soundtrack—it’s the cherry on top, syncing seamlessly with your adventures.

While Faeland nails the ambiance, it does borrow some familiar elements from its genre mates. You’ll recognize some quest lines and environments, which might make you wish for a tad more uniqueness.

Exploration and Combat: The Good and The Tricky

Heads up! Before you dive headfirst into boss battles, remember to scout around. Faeland offers a vast world to explore, reminiscent of games like Blasphemous. Engage with NPCs, snag hidden treasures, and tackle both main and side quests. Your movement options are plenty—jump, climb, roll, and swim, to name a few. But be cautious; backtracking can slow things down a notch.

Now, Faeland might be tagged as an RPG, but it ditches the traditional leveling system. Instead, you’ll munch on food to regain health, don various gear, and wield weapons like bows and swords. It’s a refreshing twist that amps up the exploration vibe.

Combat in Faeland strikes a balance between fun and, well, slightly frustrating. While battling enemies feels fluid, you might occasionally scratch your head at some hit-box inconsistencies. Yet, the dungeons are a treat, presenting a mix of challenges and epic boss battles. Though, I must say, some boss fights could’ve upped the ante a bit.

Final Thoughts

Should you jump into Faeland now? Well, it’s an Early Access gem, still in the oven, so to speak. But snagging it early might save you some bucks down the road as the price could climb with updates. Customization options are a neat touch, letting you name your main character and dive into a world brimming with potential.

While I’m all in for Faeland, a few tweaks could elevate the experience. Voiceovers for our hero, more varied starting gear, and enhanced rewards for thorough exploration would be sweet additions. But hey, the game’s graphics, gameplay, and overall charm make it a title worth keeping an eye on. Kudos to Talegames, and here’s hoping they’ve got more Faeland magic up their sleeves!