Aquila Interactive is gearing up for an exciting venture with their latest project, Gilded Destiny, as they prepare to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. This grand strategy game takes players on a captivating journey through the transformative era of the industrial revolution. Brace yourself to lead a nation of your choosing, steering it from a humble agrarian society to a thriving industrial powerhouse.

Embracing the Spirit of Victoria and Civilization

Gilded Destiny invites comparisons to Paradox Interactive’s Victoria series, offering a profound simulation of economy, warfare, and diplomacy. Alternatively, it draws parallels to the Civilization franchise with its hexagonal map division and construction mechanics. Set in the 19th century, the game features diverse biomes, terrains, and weather patterns that authentically replicate the real-world conditions of that era.

Venture into a complex global simulation that intertwines supply and demand, enriched with a plethora of production options, factories, and intricate development mechanics. Unlike typical geopolitical strategy simulations, the strategic placement of buildings takes center stage during gameplay. The game also stands out for its realistic portrayal of population dynamics, culture, migration, assimilation, and career changes, capturing the essence of significant social transformations during that period.

Shaping History: Policies, Decisions, and Warfare

Similar to Victoria 3, your mission in Gilded Destiny is to shape your country’s leading policies in alignment with your vision. This encompasses economic, labor, social, diplomatic, and military policies under your control. Navigate through critical decisions, from quelling domestic workers’ strikes to engaging in warfare with neighboring nations. The paused real-time gameplay provides ample time for thoughtful consideration of each move.

To progress, uncover revolutionary technological achievements and conduct research. Exercise your creative freedom by renaming countries, provinces, and even cities to fit your alternate history scenario. Begin the game by creating your very own country and designing a unique flag within the game.

Take direct control of military units as a player, with AI handling routine aspects of warfare. However, retain the power to issue orders to selected soldiers, recognizing the logistical importance of controlling key rail or transit hubs for industrial production and war-fighting capabilities.

Feel empowered to modify most of the game’s content, allowing you to reshape it according to your imagination. Gilded Destiny, set to hit Steam later this year, also supports mods through the Steam Workshop, promising an immersive and customizable gaming experience.