Mithril Interactive, the creative minds behind the eagerly anticipated dungeon-crawling and PvPvE game, Dungeonborne (formerly known as Project Crawl), have just dropped some exciting news. Brace yourselves, adventurers, as an open playtest is on the horizon, set to kick off during Steam Next Fest from February 5-12.

Gear Up for New Adventures in Dungeonborne

What makes this playtest even more thrilling? Well, Mithril Interactive promises a slew of fresh content to keep players on their toes. But before the grand unveiling during Steam Next Fest, there’s a 48-hour “QA test” in the cards. Hold onto your armor, though, as all progress made during this test will be wiped clean. It’s not a setback, but a necessary step to ensure Mithril Interactive’s servers and build are rock-solid for the Steam Next Fest extravaganza.

Don’t miss the memo – this QA test is exclusive to the NA servers, with around 3000 keys up for grabs. The good news? The Next Fest Demo is a party open to everyone, with servers scattered across NA, EU, and Asia.

Claim Your Key and Join the Adventure

Ready to embark on this pre-launch quest? Here’s the lowdown on snagging a key for the QA test:

  1. Head over to Dungeonborne’s Discord server – your gateway to the action.
  2. Fill out a survey and gear up for the first key wave on Monday (approx. 1500 keys).
  3. Tuesday kicks off the second key wave (another 1500 keys).
  4. Wednesday marks the start of the 48-hour QA test – a true test of your gaming prowess.
  5. The adventure concludes on Friday or Saturday, with all progress wiped clean.

While Dungeonborne is keeping its release date shrouded in mystery, rest assured that the game will make its grand entrance on PC via Steam. Ready your weapons, gather your party, and get set for an epic journey into the world of Dungeonborne!