Get ready for a spine-chilling adventure as indie developer Clapperheads brings you Zoochosis, a horror simulation that throws you into the eerie world of a zoo gone wild. No, it’s not your typical animal encounter – these critters are harboring a dark secret, and it’s up to you to survive the night.

A Nightmarish Job: The Life of a Night Keeper

Step into the shoes of a newly hired night keeper as you embark on a terrifying journey at the zoo. But this isn’t your average gig – it’s a horror experience like no other. The catch? Your every move is captured by a body camera strapped to your chest, giving you a first-person perspective of the nightmare unfolding around you.

Animals Turned Mutants: A Race Against the Parasite

As you diligently care for the animals, the night takes a dark turn. The creatures you once tended to are now succumbing to a sinister parasite, turning them into bloodthirsty mutants. Your mission? Identify the infected, create vaccines, and prevent the parasite from spreading beyond the zoo’s confines. The clock is ticking, and the consequences of failure are nothing short of terrifying.

Immerse yourself in the unique opportunity to interact with and nurture the zoo’s inhabitants. Feed them, clean up after them, and yes, even pet them. Your choices shape the course of the story, making decision-making a crucial aspect of this heart-pounding gaming experience.

Zoochosis is set to hit PC via Steam in the second quarter of this year. Brace yourself for an unforgettable night in a zoo where the line between man and beast blurs, and survival hangs in the balance.