Devolver Digital, the publisher, in collaboration with Free Lives, the developer, has announced the upcoming release of Terra Nil, a unique blend of environmental strategy and city-building gameplay, on the Nintendo Switch slated for December 18th.

Terra Nil offers a refreshing and tranquil take on the city-builder genre. Players are tasked with the challenge of converting various procedurally-generated barren landscapes into vibrant ecological habitats. The game encourages creativity and strategic planning as players engage in activities like tree planting, river creation, and soil purification, all while aiming to leave the environment undisturbed in the end.

Since its initial launch on PC earlier in the year, Terra Nil has garnered a strong following on Steam, evident from over 4,000 ‘Very Positive’ reviews to date. The game balances a soothing, cozy aesthetic with the need for thoughtful strategic planning. It’s a notable achievement for a game that fundamentally deals with planetary collapse.

For those interested in learning more about Terra Nil, here’s a brief overview along with some screenshots:

The game presents a variety of replayable, procedurally generated biomes to tackle. These range from volcanic glaciers and ruined cities to tropical islands, each offering unique challenges in terms of climate, geology, flora, and fauna. After mastering all four regions, players can access additional levels that offer even more challenging scenarios. Witness the transformation of barren lands into diverse ecosystems like rainforests, swamps, and rivers, bringing a dead world back to life with vibrant colors and biodiversity.

Images courtesy of Devolver Digital show the engaging visuals of Terra Nil. The game is set to make its serene entry into the world of Switch gaming via the eShop in just under a week.