Calling all Stardew Valley enthusiasts who crave the fast-paced energy of city life! Good news is on the horizon, courtesy of Arthur “Mr. Podunkian” Lee, one of the brains behind Stardew Valley. He’s ready to drop his latest creation, and it’s called Sunkissed City.

A Sunny Twist on City Living

Picture this: your favorite Stardew Valley features mixed with the hustle and bustle of a sun-soaked coastal metropolis teeming with intriguing characters. While there’s no trailer to tease us just yet, a sneak peek on the game’s Steam page showcases some eye-catching screenshots. According to the Steam description, players step into the shoes of a “newly hired staff member in Pico Corporation’s new pilot program called ‘Peco Pioneer.'”

Your mission? To weave connections within the lively Apollo community and champion the corporation’s fresh environmental initiatives. But hold on – it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Wild animals are on the rampage, the waters are eerily lifeless, monsters are emerging from the canals, and let’s not forget the ongoing migraines tormenting the locals.

Green Thumbs and Urban Delights

Unlike the farm-centric setting of Stardew Valley, Sunkissed City shakes things up. Instead of managing your own farm, players can nurture home gardens organized by the local “plant-punk” group or kick back in the park with a good book or coffee from the Weird Dog Café. Fishing and foraging for wild herbs are also on the menu, and it seems like the game’s underground mines are swapped out for monster-filled canals.

Sunkissed City beckons those who’ve had their fill of country air and homegrown veggies, offering an exciting alternative life in the urban jungle. With promises of intrigue and originality, this game invites players to immerse themselves in the allure of city living.

Set for a release in the fourth quarter of 2024, the exact date remains a mystery. PC users get first dibs via Steam, followed by the console versions. Get ready for a unique city escapade that’s bound to captivate Stardew Valley enthusiasts and city slickers alike!