Alright, volleyball fans and gamers, here’s some exciting news for you! Get ready to jump into the action with “Haikyu!! Fly High,” a cool sports card game that’s all about building up your ultimate collection. Imagine reliving those epic moments and catchy lines from the original anime series, all while crafting your dream team and strategizing your way to victory on the court.

Now, let’s talk business. KLab, the brains behind this game, snagged the rights to keep the ball rolling with “Haikyu!!” But they’re not going solo on this one. They’ve teamed up with Prophet Games, the wizards who’ve brought us some of the best sports-themed mobile games out there, to make sure this game hits all the right notes.

Get in on the Action

So, where do you sign up? If you’re in Japan, you’re in luck! Pre-registration and pre-orders are up and running. Don’t worry, folks outside Japan, your time will come soon. And the best part? You can dive into this game on any smartphone platform you fancy. So, get ready to serve, spike, and score!