Get ready for a thrilling journey with Goblin Stone, the upcoming turn-based RPG set to hit the gaming scene in early 2024. Developed by the creative minds at OrcChop Games, this tactical RPG promises a unique blend of strategy, roguelike elements, and a touch of mischievous goblin fun.

Goblins Unleashed: Survival in a Hostile World

In Goblin Stone, players embark on an epic quest to guide a group of goblins through a perilous landscape. Facing off against not only evil humans but also mischievous elves and grumpy dwarves, players must deftly navigate the challenges while managing an underground hideout. The game unfolds in a stunning, procedurally generated, hand-drawn world that adds a touch of artistry to the adventure.

The gameplay offers a myriad of choices, allowing players to pick from a hundred combinations of goblin classes, weapons, abilities, and movement styles. With over 60 unique enemy types, 25 challenging boss fights, and the opportunity to grow and manage their own shelter, players will find themselves deeply immersed in the world of Goblin Stone.

But the excitement doesn’t end there—Goblin Stone introduces an innovative breeding system. Players can strategically blend goblin genes, enhancing their traits and customizing their team for a truly personalized gaming experience.

A Star-Studded Production

Adding to the allure of Goblin Stone is the stellar cast behind the scenes. Renowned Scottish actor James Smillie lends his voice to the game, bringing the characters to life with his unique flair. The immersive soundtrack is composed by the award-winning Peter McDonnell, known for his work on popular titles like Hearthstone, Psychonauts 2, and Monkey Island.

Mark your calendars for the first quarter of 2024, as Goblin Stone is set to launch on PC through Steam and Epic Games. Get ready to dive into a world where goblins take center stage in an adventure filled with tactical prowess, strategic choices, and a dash of mischief.