Hooded Horse is adding a new gem to its collection of captivating strategy and tactical games. Say hello to Norland, a medieval kingdom simulation crafted by the talented folks at Long Jaunt. This game promises to weave intricate stories in a dynamic and vibrant world.

A Noble Family’s Journey Through Medieval Turmoil

In Norland, players take on the role of managing a budding noble family as they navigate the challenges of a class-based society. From dealing with crime and slave revolts to religious conflicts and economic crises, players will be immersed in a world filled with personal feuds, treachery, secret murders, and epic battles. The game doesn’t stop there, throwing in diplomatic negotiations, trade dealings, disputes, alliances, and the possibility of establishing vassal states with neighboring kingdoms.

Dmitry Glaznev, the game designer and head of Long Jaunt studio, expressed excitement about the partnership with Hooded Horse. He highlighted the relief it brings to the development team, allowing them to focus on creating a polished and content-rich game. Dmitry stated, “With this support, we aim to deliver a more engaging experience to players when Norland hits Steam Early Access in May 2024.”

Get ready for a medieval adventure like no other as Hooded Horse and Norland join forces to bring gaming enthusiasts a rich and immersive simulation experience. Stay tuned for the release and dive into the complexities of medieval life, where every decision shapes the destiny of your noble family.