663 Games, in collaboration with Unstable Games, is stirring up excitement with the announcement of their upcoming game, Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother. This captivating top-down action-packed roguelite is deeply rooted in the tales of Chinese mythology. Get ready to join Chenxiang on an epic adventure as he sets out to save his mother, Sanshengma, who’s been locked away for breaking heaven’s rules.

Under the mentorship of the iconic Monkey King, Sun Wukong, Chenxiang has honed his martial arts skills to perfection. Now, armed with his unique combat techniques and a treasure trove of magical artifacts, he’s set to confront formidable foes and unlock unparalleled abilities.

Unleashing Divine Powers with the Lotus Lantern

The Lotus Lantern isn’t just a pretty artifact; it’s a game-changer. With this ancient lantern by your side, you’ll harness divine abilities like manipulating time and triggering bullet-time effects. Plus, it continually boosts your skills, ensuring you’re primed to tackle a diverse array of adversaries. Exciting news for roguelite enthusiasts: 663 Games is rolling out a fresh Steam demo today, offering a sneak peek into the game’s initial level and a pulse-pounding boss battle.

Set your calendars for an early 2024 release, as Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother lights up PC screens via Steam. Get ready to embark on a mythical journey like no other!