4J Studios, the creative minds behind the console versions of Minecraft and various titles for Bethesda Studios, is about to drop a bombshell with its debut game, Manic Mechanics. After hitting Nintendo Switch in July 2023, this game is now ready to bring its whirlwind of mechanical mayhem to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on March 7.

The Mechanics Unleashed

Manic Mechanics is not your average game. Forget the usual single-player experience; this one is all about the chaos of co-op gaming. Picture this: up to four players don their trusty overalls and dive into the car-crazy world of Octane Isle, aiming to prove their worth as traveling mechanics. The mission? Challenge the master mechanics ruling the island and earn a coveted spot in the prestigious mechanics guild.

Fuel Spills, Exploding Tires, and Alien Abductions: It’s Anything But Boring

The gameplay is as wild as it gets. Your job? Fix as many vehicles as humanly (or mechanically) possible in the shortest time. But hold on – it’s not a smooth ride. Prepare for fuel spills, exploding tires, short circuits in robots, cows on the loose, and even alien abductions throwing wrenches into your plans. All the chaos from Overcooked has officially arrived to your garage!

And that’s not all – with the March 7 release, Manic Mechanics is rolling out a Versus gameplay mode that adds a competitive edge to local and online play. Plus, there’s a brand-new neighborhood to explore, fresh characters to meet, and exciting twists on the popular levels you’ve come to love.

Get ready to unleash your inner grease monkey because Manic Mechanics is revving its engines for a crazy ride on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and even an enhanced version on Nintendo Switch. Don’t miss the chance to join the mayhem starting March 7!