Dive into the vast universe with Existence: The Outer Reach, where you’re not just playing a game; you’re shaping an empire, discovering new horizons, and diving into thrilling space and ground battles. Whether you’re a lone wolf or prefer teaming up with pals, this game promises an adrenaline-pumping mix of PvP and cooperative gameplay.

Build, Battle, and Conquer

Chart your course through the cosmos, establishing colonies, unearthing precious resources, and confronting adversaries along the way. Whether you’re marshaling troops on terra firma or piloting starships in deep space, tailor your strategy to fit your preferred style—be it domination, cunning espionage, or skillful diplomacy.

Engage in pulse-pounding combat scenarios that span both planetary surfaces and the vastness of space. Seize control of space stations, launch ground invasions, and delve into unexplored worlds where mysterious Titans lurk. Harness the unique capabilities of these Titans to turn the tide of battle, and arm your vessels with formidable weaponry capable of wreaking havoc on an epic scale.

Diverse Multiplayer Modes

Engage in thrilling multiplayer action across three distinct game modes:

  • Planet Skirmish: Engage in intense ground battles until a sole champion emerges victorious.
  • Galactic Skirmish: Traverse the cosmic landscape, vie for invaluable resources, and vanquish adversaries on your quest for supremacy.
  • Co-Op: Team up with your buddies to tackle AI foes and embark on a galactic exploration adventure together.

Get ready to embark on this grand adventure as Existence: The Outer Reach hits Early Access on Steam later this year.