Set in the 1930s, “News Tower” spins the tale of reviving our grandfather’s defunct printing business. The game begins with the freedom to name your newspaper, encouraging creativity. It immerses players in significant events of the era, like the Great Depression, offering a chance to report on and influence these moments. The soundtrack is particularly noteworthy, encapsulating the essence of the 1930s beautifully.

Graphically, the game impresses with its simplicity and colorful visuals, debunking the misconception that the 1930s were solely black and white. This era saw the beginnings of color photography and film, and the game reflects this diversity in its palette. The design includes varied room aesthetics, customization options, and a backdrop of large, New York-style buildings. The character designs, resembling dolls, are less engaging but don’t detract from the overall experience.

“News Tower” offers a historically open-ended narrative. The tutorial is commendable for its informative nature, teaching the game’s mechanics effectively. However, an improvement could be slowing the game during dialogue or introductions for better comprehension. The game’s pace can be slightly overwhelming, despite options to control time flow.

A highlight is the range of journalist specializations, including crime, sports, politics, and entertainment. This diversity enables different research approaches and story interconnections, enhancing financial returns. The game cleverly integrates the importance of topic selection, influenced by current and past news, necessitating strategic planning for publication.

In “News Tower,” building and optimizing your tower is central to the gameplay. This involves managing various roles like telegraph operators, janitors, and ad salesmen. The game emphasizes the significance of every staff member, from ensuring their well-being to meeting deadlines. Factors such as workplace comfort, noise levels, and amenities like water and coffee affect employee morale.

Financial management is a key aspect, with options for loans and gradual expansion of the distribution network. News gathering is simplified through telegraphs and a global map, with a focus on certain news types and the ability to discard unwanted stories. The game’s simplicity is further highlighted by the depth each news item possesses, with potential for additional stories within a single topic.

The drag-and-drop interface of “News Tower” may not appeal to everyone, but it ensures ongoing engagement with continuous unlocks. The Early Access version promises part of the main campaign, a Sandbox mode, over 100 construction objects, various job types, and an extensive range of news topics.

Despite some bugs, which are expected to be fixed, the game’s replayability is a strong point. Players can explore different strategies, unlock new areas, and experiment with various themes. “News Tower” stands out in the management game genre for its unique focus on newspaper printing, combined with its straightforward gameplay and attractive graphics.