Get ready to jump into a whole new spooky world with Nightmare Forge’s latest game drop, Infestation 88. It’s like Mickey Mouse took a dark twist and turned into a spine-chilling horror fest!

A Co-op Spook-Fest with a Twist

In Infestation 88, you’re not just battling any ordinary creatures. Nope, you’re diving into a world where classic characters and urban legends have gone completely haywire. Picture this: you and your crew are the brave exterminators trying to clean up the mess these twisted characters have made. You can team up with three buddies, dive into a public game, or go rogue with a solo mission. And hey, communication is key! Use voice chat to hatch your game plan, whether that means splitting up to tackle the madness faster or sticking together for some added safety.

Dive Deep into Creepy Locations and Unravel Mysteries

Every location you explore has its own haunting backstory. Your mission? Uncover the dark tales behind each infestation while collecting resources to unlock new zones. Keep an eye on things with surveillance cameras, and make sure the lights stay on to power up various systems. Plus, arm yourself with an array of gear to battle these nightmarish foes and stop the infection dead in its tracks.

Each episode throws you headfirst into a showdown with a different monstrous character or urban legend. And the best part? With ever-changing layouts, unpredictable AI, and tons of customizable options, you’ll never play the same game twice. Rack up XP, snag some cool skins, unlock perks, and collect all sorts of goodies as you level up and conquer each terrifying challenge. Get ready for a horror game experience like no other!

Infestation 88 is set to release on PC via Steam.