Nintendo is gearing up for a much-anticipated showcase of its newest console, the Nintendo Switch 2, scheduled for release later this year. In a recent report by Omdia, as covered by Bloomberg, it’s revealed that the upcoming console will feature an 8-inch LCD screen, marking a departure from the OLED screens of its predecessor.

LCD Screen Sparks Controversy Among Fans

While some fans view the shift to an LCD screen as a step backward in technology, sources indicate that Nintendo has ambitious plans to roll out 10 million units of the Switch 2 in the fiscal year beginning April 2024, with an estimated price tag of approximately $400.

Analysts speculate that the choice of an LCD screen may be a strategic move to temporarily reduce costs, leaving room for the potential introduction of an OLED-equipped version in the future. Despite the absence of detailed information regarding the Switch 2’s design, internals, or launch titles, the news of the planned mass production has ignited excitement among avid console enthusiasts.

Nintendo’s proactive decision to manufacture a substantial number of units reflects their commitment to meeting high demand and avoiding the availability issues that plagued previous console launches. However, even with a production target of 10 million units, it remains to be seen whether this will be sufficient to satiate the voracious appetite of gamers in the first year.