Palworld introduces players to a challenging duo, Lily and Lyleen, waiting at the pinnacle of Palpagos Island for a formidable showdown. To emerge victorious against these formidable foes, strategic planning and a keen understanding of your Pal team are essential. In this guide, we’ll explore the best tactics to tackle the fiery duo and ensure your triumph in the Palworld arena.

Best Pals Against Lily & Lyleen

In the heat of battle, your primary focus should be on Lyleen, the powerhouse of the pair. While Lily orchestrates attacks from atop Lyleen, it’s the Plant-type Pal that demands your attention. To maximize damage and expedite the takedown, consider employing Fire-type Pals.

Lyleen’s susceptibility to fire makes Fire-type Pals particularly effective, unleashing devastating flame-based attacks. Although it’s not mandatory, opting for a Fire-type Pal ensures maximum damage output and a quicker defeat of Lyleen. Additionally, the Burning effect inflicted by Fire-type Pals leads to continuous damage over time, further weakening your formidable opponent.

Strong Fire-Type Pals for This Fight:

  1. Rooby: A versatile Pal with solid capabilities, offering support in challenging situations. Boosts the Fire damage of other Pals.
  2. Wixen: A potent Fire-type Pal delivering substantial damage. Enhances Fire attacks when paired with another Pal.
  3. Kelpsea Ignis: A robust Fire-type Pal with high defense, capable of absorbing considerable damage. Passively boosts the Fire damage of other Pals.

By strategically incorporating these Fire-type Pals into your team, you’ll be well-equipped to face the fiery duo of Lily and Lyleen and claim victory in the challenging realm of Palworld.