Palworld has become a sensation, and players are flocking to explore its captivating universe. While the game mainly revolves around battling and capturing Pals, there’s a whole crafting and building aspect to it. From cozy homes to protective armor, you’ll need a stash of resources to keep your crafting game strong.

Fighting Pals for Bone

Bone is a crucial ingredient in various recipes, especially if you’re eyeing upgrades like a snazzy glider. But not every Pal will drop the coveted bone when you engage them in combat. You need to pick your battles wisely and target the right Pals to amass a decent bone collection for your crafting ventures.

Pals That Drop Bone

If you’re on the prowl for bone-dropping Pals, here’s a handy list to guide you:

  • Anubis
  • Bushi
  • Cawgnito
  • Cryst
  • Gorirat
  • Loupmoon
  • Marait
  • Rushoar
  • Vanwyrm
  • Verdash
  • Vixy

While all these Pals have a bone to offer, Rushoar and Vixy are your earliest bone buddies. Rushoar, in particular, tends to be an easier target as it attacks on sight. You can either collect bone by battling and catching these Pals or opt for a quicker route by eliminating them for maximum resources. However, keep in mind that catching Pals usually yields more experience points.

Buy Bone From a Merchant

As you venture through the world and establish your base, be on the lookout for a merchant dressed in striking red attire. This wandering merchant offers an assortment of items, and among them is the coveted Bone, available for 100 gold each. While it might cost a pretty penny to accumulate enough bone for a grand project, the merchant proves to be a valuable resource if you’re just a bone or two shy of your crafting goals.

Palworld is all about strategy, resourcefulness, and a touch of creativity. Whether you’re battling Pals for bone or striking deals with the local merchant, there’s always something exciting around the corner in this ever-expanding virtual world.