Palworld, the vibrant open-world survival and crafting game, has taken the gaming community by storm, earning comparisons to Pokémon classics. As players immerse themselves in the game’s vast landscapes, capturing creatures and constructing bases, one crucial resource stands out – Paldium Fragments. If you’re struggling to track down these valuable fragments, fear not; this guide has your back.
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Explore The World: Where Paldium Shines

Even in the early stages, Palworld doesn’t shackle you to a specific location. The assumption that Paldium fragments might be limited to your initial spawn area can hinder exploration. Paldium, a vital resource for crafting Pal Spheres, is found in vibrant blue ores that sparkle, making them easily visible from a distance.

Building the Tools: Crafting Your Path to Paldium

To extract Paldium from its ores, you need a trusty pickaxe. Start by constructing a Primitive Workbench and unlocking the Stone Pickaxe technology. Gather five wood and five stones to create the Stone Pickaxe at the workbench. Stones and wooden branches, scattered throughout your surroundings, are the key ingredients. Once your Stone Pickaxe is ready, mine Paldium from those gleaming blue ores.

Additional Tips for Pal Sphere Crafting

Building numerous Pal Spheres demands a steady Paldium supply. Instead of embarking on constant resource hunts, unlock and construct a wooden chest for convenient Paldium storage. Keep in mind that pickaxes have limited durability, so it’s wise to carry a spare while exploring to ensure uninterrupted resource gathering.

Palworld is an ever-expanding adventure, and mastering Paldium fragments is just a step towards becoming a Pal Sphere crafting maestro. Happy hunting!