So, you’ve just entered the vibrant world of Palworld, and there’s a lot waiting for you. Before you embark on your adventures, let’s talk about the essentials that will ensure your survival and make your journey enjoyable.

Setting Up Your Base

Your base is more than just a place to store items; it’s your sanctuary in Palworld. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up your base and make it a hub for your adventures.

Crafting the Palbox:

When establishing your base, the Palbox takes center stage. Craft it at level 2 to officially mark your territory. The Palbox serves multiple purposes – storing captured Pals, enabling fast travel, assigning Pals to tasks, and reviving downed companions. To craft the Palbox, gather:

  • 1 Paldium Fragments
  • 8 Wood
  • 3 Stone

Choose an ideal location for your base, craft the Palbox, and watch as a blue perimeter defines your base zone. Everything you build within this zone is protected by your Pals. Don’t forget to add a Statue of Power to unlock Pal Souls and enhance your Pals and stats.

Upgrading Your Base:

Using the Palbox, you can upgrade your base by meeting specific requirements. Each upgrade unlocks the ability to create more bases. Enhance your base strategically and include the Statue of Power for overall progression.

Assigning Pals at Your Base

The Pals you recruit not only serve as companions but also contribute to the functionality of your base. Here’s how to manage your Pals effectively:

Understanding Pal Stats:

Open the Palbox to access detailed information about each Pal. Consider their work suitability, food bar, active and passive skills, and partner skill. Match their skills with tasks like watering crops, mining, or lumbering.

Harvesting and Storage:

Build chests for Pals to store materials they harvest. With a ranch, you can collect drops from your Pals. If a Pal gets stuck or distracted, remove and reassign them to reset their behavior.

Defensive Measures:

Pals assigned to your base defend its perimeter. Choose Pals not only based on work suitability but also their combat capabilities to ensure the safety of your base.

Building Your House

Your base is not complete without a cozy dwelling. Unlock the Wooden Structure Set at level 2 and start building:

Constructing Wooden Structures:

Use the Wooden Structure Set to build houses and other structures. Begin with a foundation, avoiding slopes, and then build walls. Consider adding a fire for warmth and cooking, crucial in harsh climates.

Progressive Construction:

Start with a manageable structure and expand as you progress. Keep a distance from the perimeter to allow future expansions without complications.

Setting Up a Food Source

Survival is not just about shelter; it’s about sustenance. Ensure a steady food source for both you and your Pals:

Berry Garden and Feed Box:

Unlock the berry garden at level 5 under the Food tab. Assign Pals to gather and water berries, and set up a Feed Box for easy access. Prioritize your Pals’ well-being by keeping an eye on their needs and maintaining an adequate number of Pal beds.

Now, armed with the knowledge of setting up your Palworld base, embark on your adventure, and let the Pals join you in creating a thriving sanctuary!