As you navigate your Paldeck, seeking to collect every elusive creature in Palworld, you’ll discover that among the common companions, the truly powerful ones are the rare gems. These exceptional Pals not only shine on the battlefield but also significantly boost your camp’s productivity. Enter Jormuntide Ignis, a standout Pal in the game, a sibling to the formidable Jormuntide.

Jormuntide Ignis: The Dark Dragon Powerhouse

Jormuntide Ignis is no ordinary companion; it’s a Dark Dragon Pal, a force to be reckoned with in every aspect. Its exceptional Attack Power makes it a true offensive juggernaut, capable of dealing substantial damage in any confrontation. Complementing its offensive prowess is a solid Defense, allowing Jormuntide Ignis to withstand considerable punishment. Acquiring this powerhouse won’t be a walk in the park; it demands strategic planning and unwavering dedication.

The Quest for Jormuntide Ignis: Location Matters

In the vast world of Palworld, there’s only one place where you can cross paths with Jormuntide Ignis—the Pal Sanctuary 2. Nestled in the northwest corner of the map, this sanctuary is a sizable island off the mainland’s coast. However, don’t let its serene appearance fool you; it’s a challenging area as all Pals within are under protection.

Attempting to hunt a Pal within the sanctuary triggers guards to descend upon you, creating an additional layer of difficulty in your quest for Jormuntide Ignis. To overcome this obstacle, a flying mount becomes your ticket to access the island without triggering unwanted attention.

Preparing for the Battle: Ice Pal and Close-Range Tactics

Armed with the knowledge of Jormuntide Ignis’s location, preparation becomes key. Given its Dragon type, bringing along a formidable Ice Pal is crucial for the impending showdown. Expect Jormuntide Ignis to be around Level 40, so ensure both you and your Pals are leveled up to at least 42, with 45 being the optimal choice.

During the battle, leverage your Pal to draw the attention of Jormuntide Ignis while utilizing close-range weaponry like the Double-Barrel Shotgun. The advantage lies in its limited close-range attacks, allowing you to navigate the vicinity effectively.

In the pursuit of Jormuntide Ignis, persistence and a well-thought-out strategy will be your greatest allies. Happy hunting in the dynamic world of Palworld!