Palworld is filled with thrilling boss fights that not only test your combat skills but also challenge your ability to tame and manage Pals. Among these encounters, the formidable duo of Axel and Orserk awaits you at the top of the Eternal Pyre Tower, adding an extra layer of complexity to the game. This guide aims to equip you with the knowledge and strategy needed to take down these fiery adversaries.

Best Pals Against Axel & Orserk

In this high-stakes battle, it’s crucial to choose your Pals wisely. Orserk, a large Dragon-type Pal, employs a mix of short and long-range attacks. To maximize your damage output, focus on Ground-type and Ice-type Pals. Here are some top choices:

Anubis: A solid Ground-type Pal with excellent damage output, evasion, and quick movement. Its partner skill enhances Ground attacks.

Foxcicle: Balanced attack and defensive stats make Foxcicle a versatile Pal. It can also boost the damage done by Ice attacks.

Dumud: An easy-to-find Ground-type Pal that can hold its own against Orserk. It increases an ally Pal’s Ground attacks.

Ice Reptyro: An all-around Pal that combines Ground and Ice types, delivering devastating attacks.

Axel & Orserk Attacks

Orserk’s combat style involves a mix of close-range and long-range attacks, creating a dynamic and unpredictable battlefield. Here are the major attacks to watch out for and how to avoid them:

  • Kerauno: Jumps into the air, summons a bolt of lightning, and throws it at you. Stay behind a pillar or recall your Pal to divert the bolt.
  • Lightning Strike: Orserk calls down lightning strikes around them. Keep your distance and recall your Pal if they are too close.
  • Spark Blast: Orserk releases a ball of electricity in a forward, circular pattern. Rotate behind Orserk to evade or recall your Pal.
  • Draconic Breath: Sends a damaging breath in front of it. Keep your distance to avoid the gas cloud.
  • Lightning Streak: Shoots a lightning bolt in a straight line. Move sideways to dodge or direct your Pal to avoid the strike.
  • Tri-Lightning: Targets someone and sends three lightning strikes. Dodge out of the way or recall your Pal.
  • Lightning Bolt: Charges up before sending out an electric blast. Move away or dodge backward to evade.

Prepare yourself for the Axel & Orserk boss fight by selecting the right Pals and mastering the art of avoiding their electrifying assaults. The Eternal Pyre Tower location awaits, offering a challenging yet thrilling experience in the vast world of Palworld.