Palworld, the indie sensation, has stormed the gaming world, offering a unique blend of monster-catching and survival elements. While its creature designs draw inspiration from various sources, the game is brimming with adorable and formidable creatures. Whether you want to put them to work or showcase them, Palworld has something for everyone.

Where To Find Tombat

Palworld, Released on January 19, 2024, by Pocketpair Inc.

If you’re on the lookout for Tombat, get ready for a bit of a challenge. This elusive Pal prefers the cover of darkness, making daylight hours a no-show on the map. But fear not, we’ve got your back on tracking down this nocturnal creature!

Nighttime Adventure: Tombat doesn’t make daytime appearances, so grab your gear and wait for the sun to set. The image above highlights the various locations where Tombat can be found at night. However, be warned – Tombat is a rare sighting, often traveling alone and showing aggression if you get too close.

How To Catch Tombat

Now that you’ve located Tombat, capturing it becomes the next exciting endeavor.

  1. Weaken, Don’t Defeat: Since Tombat is a rare find, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to catch it. Ensure you weaken it as much as possible, but be cautious of your own Pals. Accidentally dealing a fatal blow with a summoned Pal could ruin your chance. When Tombat’s health is low, stow away your summoned Pal and approach with your weapon or spheres.
  2. Sphere Strategy: To increase your chances, bring along a bunch of spheres. It might take several throws, but persistence pays off. By the end of the encounter, you’ll have successfully added Tombat to your collection.

Palworld continues to captivate players with its unique blend of exploration, creature-catching, and strategic gameplay. So, gear up for the nighttime hunt and embark on an adventure to capture the elusive Tombat in the vast world of Palworld!