Palworld has stormed onto the gaming scene, offering a captivating mix of base-building, monster-catching, crafting, and resource gathering. With so much to explore and enjoy, whether flying solo or teaming up with friends, players are in for an immersive experience.

Dealing with Weakened Pals

When your Pals working on your base catch the dreaded Weakened status, it’s time to take action. While it might slow them down, fixing this ailment is a straightforward process.

Craft High-Grade Medical Supplies

To nurse your weakened Pals back to health, crafting High-Grade Medical Supplies is a cost-effective solution. Start by setting up a Medieval Medicine Workbench, and you’ll need 5 Ingots, 5 Horns, and 2 Bones to concoct the remedy. Having a Pal with expertise in medicine production can significantly expedite the crafting process.

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Buy High-Grade Medical Supplies

Short on time or resources? Consider purchasing High-Grade Medical Supplies from a merchant. Whether you stumble upon a wandering merchant in the world or visit a settlement, the cost is 3,000 gold. While a convenient option in emergencies, crafting remains the more economical choice for regular use.

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Administering Medicine to Your Pals

Once armed with the needed medicine, treating your Pals is a breeze. Approach them, open the command wheel, select “Feed,” and then choose the appropriate medicine. It’s as simple as that! Keep your Pals in top form and ready for adventure in the dynamic world of Palworld.