Palworld’s vast map is a treasure trove of biomes, each teeming with Pals waiting to be discovered and captured. Among these creatures, Azurobe stands out as a Water and Dragon-type Pal, boasting formidable power. This guide will help you pinpoint its location and provide tips on how to successfully capture this elusive Pal.

Getting to Know Azurobe

Azurobe, a Level 17 boss, presents itself as a Water and Dragon-type Pal, making it a desirable addition to your team. While it may not be the toughest opponent in the game, approaching it unprepared can lead to a challenging encounter. However, with the right strategy, finding and defeating Azurobe becomes a manageable task, even for early-game players.

Where to Encounter Azurobe

Discovering Azurobe’s habitat is a crucial step in adding it to your Pal roster. Fortunately, there’s only one location to find Azurobe, conveniently situated in the center of the map. To reach this spot, head to the Bridge of the Twin Knights Fast Travel point, take a plunge into the lake, and swim towards the middle, where Azurobe awaits.

Be warned, the swim is no short journey, so ensure you’re adequately prepared for the trek. The inconvenience of repeatedly swimming back to the boss fight after each defeat underscores the importance of coming ready for a decisive first attempt.

Battling and Capturing Azurobe

To emerge victorious against Azurobe, align your Pal and weapons wisely. Given its Level 17 status, ensure that your Pals are at a similar level or higher. Guns are particularly effective against Azurobe, but if firearms are unavailable, a bow with poison arrows can still do the job admirably.

In terms of Pals, those with Electric or Ice typing excel against Water and Dragon types, giving you a strategic advantage in battle. Stick to the shallows during the fight, avoiding the deep water to prevent untimely swim animations that can prove fatal. Keep your distance, utilize ranged attacks, and let your Pals take the lead in engaging Azurobe.

For those aiming to capture Azurobe, use a higher-level Pal Sphere, such as an Ultra Sphere, to increase your chances of success.

With these tips in mind, your encounter with Azurobe is sure to be a victorious and rewarding experience in the world of Palworld.