Crafting in Palworld is a vital aspect of the gaming experience. By unlocking new technology and collecting unique resources, you can create an array of gear, structures, and weapons for both you and your Pals. Among sought-after resources like High-Quality Pal Oil, Sulfur, and Gun Powder, Leather takes the spotlight – especially if you have dreams of riding your Pals.

The Essentials of Leather

Leather proves to be an invaluable resource in Palworld, frequently used for crafting harnesses and saddles for your Pals. It’s a must-have if you’re keen on mounting your Pals and utilizing their special combat skills. However, snagging Leather early on can be a bit challenging, as it’s only dropped by specific Pals.

Where to Find Leather

Leather is a crafting resource exclusively dropped by specific Pals upon defeat or capture via a Pal Sphere. The usual suspects include Foxsparks, Vixys, and Melpacas – three top choices for efficient Leather farming. If you’re prowling near the volcanic region just east of the Sealed Realm of the Swift fast-travel point, you’ll likely encounter plenty of Foxsparks. Other Pals that contribute to your Leather stash comprise Fuack, Verdash, Nitewing, and more.

Leather also makes an appearance in the inventory of Wandering Merchants. For a steal of a deal at 150 Gold, you can acquire Leather from the nearest Wandering Merchant located at the Small Settlement fast-travel point near the Plateau Of Beginnings. So, saddle up and get ready for an exciting Leather hunt in Palworld!