Palworld players are unleashing their creativity in the game, with one gamer stumbling upon a brilliant method to fashion personalized staircases using just wooden benches.

Rising Trends in Palworld Creativity

Since its recent debut, Palworld has become a gaming sensation, attracting a massive player base of over 6 million within the first four days. The multiplayer monster-collecting open-world game has garnered more than 1.7 million active players, as reported by the game’s X account (formerly Twitter).

The Bench Staircase Trick

In the midst of this gaming frenzy, Palworld enthusiasts are showcasing inventive ways to build and explore. A user named Kenobi-Kun, posting on the Palworld subreddit, shared a clever technique for crafting custom stairs by stacking benches. While the method might seem straightforward, it requires some careful maneuvering and jumping to align the benches at a slight angle for effective climbing.

Palworld’s “Tricky” Normal Stairs

Interestingly, despite the availability of regular stairs in Palworld, users find them cumbersome and tricky to work with. Commenting on the subreddit post, one player mentioned, “can’t even put normal stairs inside the building.” The original poster explained that normal stairs are finicky and oversized, leading them to opt for a more unique approach.

Pals on the Stairs: A Twist in the Tale

As players attempted to climb these improvised stairs, questions arose about the behavior of Pals, the in-game companions. According to the stairs’ creator, Pals do ascend the stairs but struggle with pathfinding, often standing in confusion. “My stairs are in a building, but the Slaves I took up there are simply just standing there not knowing what to do,” shared the inventive gamer.

With Palworld’s rise in the survival-crafting genre, players can anticipate more discoveries and tricks emerging as the community continues to explore the game’s vast possibilities. Shortly after the game’s launch, players praised Palworld’s consideration of storage items when constructing bases, showcasing the game’s potential for innovation. Check out more details on this exciting aspect here.