Palworld has taken the gaming world by storm, captivating players with its vibrant survival and adventure gameplay on Steam. If you’re aiming to explore all that Palworld has to offer, traversing the vast terrain on foot can be a bit of a challenge. While rideable Pals are a great means of getting around quickly, sometimes you might have to settle for a Glider.

Getting Off the Ground

Gliders are a nifty item in Palworld, providing a unique way to navigate elevated landscapes and access hard-to-reach areas. Though not as versatile as flying Pals, Gliders can be handy for safely descending from heights. To get your hands on one, you’ll need to meet certain prerequisites and craft them.

Crafting Your Ticket to the Skies

To craft Gliders, you first need to create a Primitive Workbench. Once you’ve set up this essential workbench, you’re ready to embark on crafting your Gliders. Palworld currently offers three types of Gliders, each with its own set of capabilities. However, before you can craft a specific Glider, you must reach the required level and spend your hard-earned Technology Points to unlock its recipe. Once unlocked, head over to the Primitive Workbench to craft your Glider.

1. Normal Parachute

  • Unlock Requirements: Level 5
  • Materials Needed: 10x Wood, 2x Cloth

2. Mega Glider

  • Unlock Requirements: Level 18
  • Materials Needed: 10x Bone, 20x Cloth, 50x Wood

3. Giga Glider

  • Unlock Requirements: Level 40
  • Materials Needed: 10x High-Quality Cloth, 20x Refined Ingot, 20x Carbon Fiber, 100x Wood

Taking Flight in Palworld

Once your Glider is crafted and snug in your inventory, simply hit the jump button while airborne to start gliding. Keep in mind that gliding consumes Stamina, and running out mid-air will cut your adventure short. So, watch your altitude and enjoy the breathtaking views of Palworld as you soar through the skies.