In the vibrant realm of Palworld, where guns meet creatures in a unique fusion, the need for ammunition is paramount. As you gear up to keep your weapons loaded and ready, crafting Gunpowder becomes a crucial skill. This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring you’re always locked and loaded for your next battle.

Unlocking the Recipe: Level Up to 21

Palworld’s arsenal unlocks at Level 20, but to get your hands on the Gunpowder recipe, you’ll need to reach Level 21. Invest your hard-earned Technology Points wisely to access this key ingredient for ammunition crafting. The recipe calls for two essential resources:

  • Charcoal x2
  • Sulfur x1

Additionally, having a High-Quality Workbench is essential to convert these ingredients into usable ammo.

Crafting the Components: Charcoal and Sulfur

Making Charcoal is a straightforward process. Build a Furnace, toss in two pieces of Wood, and enlist a Pal with the Kindling ability to ignite the fire until Charcoal is ready. Sulfur, on the other hand, poses a bit of a challenge in the early stages. Venture into dungeons for an initial Sulfur boost or explore Mount Obsidian for a more bountiful supply in the later game.

Mount Obsidian stands as the Sulfur haven, offering a consistent source for your crafting needs. While the Desiccated Desert holds some deposits, Mount Obsidian remains the prime location. Gather these resources and return to your High-Quality Workbench to kickstart the Gunpowder creation process.

Alternatives to Tocotoco Hunting

While Tocotoco creatures might drop Gunpowder, relying on this method is inconsistent and makes farming a daunting task. Crafting your Gunpowder guarantees a steady supply, eliminating the need for wild Tocotoco hunts. However, if you chance upon these Pals in the open, consider it a bonus rather than a primary source.

In Palworld, mastering the art of Gunpowder creation ensures you’re well-equipped to navigate the exciting intersection of guns and Pals. So, level up, gather your resources, and let the crafting begin!