Palworld, with its diverse elements, caters to players seeking adventure, combat, and even those wanting to try their hand at base management. Building a self-sustaining base run by captured Pals is a unique aspect of the game, but to keep things running smoothly, feeding your Pals is crucial. Wheat, a triumph of human agriculture, becomes a vital resource to ensure your Pals are never hungry.

How to Obtain Wheat Seeds

Getting Wheat Seeds is relatively straightforward. You can buy them from Wandering Merchants when you come across them. Additionally, the Pal called Dinossom drops Wheat Seeds when killed or captured. Head to Dinossom habitats, capture or defeat them, and if you choose the former, use the Meat Cleaver to maximize your drops.

Growing Wheat and Making Flour

With Wheat Seeds secured, the next step is to grow wheat. Return to your base, open the Technology tab, and ensure you have at least 2 available Technology points. Move to Tier 15 and spend those points to unlock the Wheat Plantation, using 3 Wheat Seeds, 35 Wood, and 35 Stone to build it.

Suiting Up for Farming Success

Different Pals excel in various Work Suitabilities, and for farming, focus on Planting, Watering, and Gathering. Layleen, Petallia, and Boncherry are excellent choices for planting, while Jormuntide, Azurobe, and Boncherry Aqua are top waterers. Jetragon and Verdash stand out as gathering Pals.

Crafting Flour with a Mill

Once your Wheat Plantation is up and running, the next step is turning harvested wheat into Flour. Unlock and build a Mill from the Technology tab at Tier 15, costing 2 Technology Points, 50 Wood, and 40 Stone. With the Mill ready, go to the Recipe option, select Flour, and use 3 Wheat to produce it.

Flour is a key ingredient for crafting various items, including cakes. To make a cake, gather 2 Flour, 8 Red Berries, 8 eggs, 2 Honey, and 7 Milk. Progress to Tier 17 to unlock the Cooking Pot and enhance your culinary options. Consider setting up a Berry Plantation if you plan on baking cakes regularly. Palworld’s diverse gameplay ensures there’s always something new to discover and create!