So, you’ve just entered the expansive and vibrant world of Palworld, and you’re itching to establish your own little haven. This guide is your go-to companion for understanding the ins and outs of setting up multiple bases across the map.

Getting Started with Bases

As every seasoned player knows, building a base in Palworld is your ticket to a cozy retreat, resource gathering, and a bustling workforce of adorable Pals. The in-game tutorial encourages you to find a spot and start crafting your base. But the burning question is: Are you limited to just one base?

The Base Conundrum

Having more than one base in Palworld could be a game-changer. Imagine the convenience of fast-traveling to multiple points, reducing the tedium of traversing the entire landscape. This guide is your key to unlocking the mysteries of bases and discovering just how many you can have.

How Many Bases Can You Have?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as one might think. Essentially, you can have unlimited mini-bases scattered across the map for quick crafting or cooking. Need to whip up something in a dungeon? Drop a workbench and fire anywhere to get the job done. However, a fully operational base in Palworld involves the Palbox – the heart of your camp where Pals are stored and instructed.

When you kick off the game, you can only place one Palbox as directed. But fear not! As you level up to 10 and 15, you unlock the ability to place a second and third Palbox, granting you the power to establish three comprehensive bases. As for mini-bases, you can create them endlessly, provided you have the necessary resources.

Navigating Your Bases

Here’s a pro-tip: Only bases with a Palbox are eligible for fast travel. To maximize your coverage, strategically position these bases across the map. If you ever need to relocate a Palbox, head into Disassembly mode, tear it down, and rebuild it elsewhere. Keep in mind that this process is time-consuming, requiring patience and resource investment.


Setting up a base in Palworld is a crucial step in your journey. Once you’ve mastered the art of base-building, you’ll be ready to delve into breeding Pals, managing a ranch, and crafting the ultimate arsenal for your adventures. Check out our guide on the best base locations to kickstart your Palworld paradise. Get ready for a world of multiple bases, unlimited possibilities, and endless adventures!