Palworld, the game that introduces you to a world filled with charming yet chaotic creatures known as Pals, can sometimes put you in a tight spot. As your collection of Pals grows, you might find yourself facing tough decisions on what to do with those you no longer want. Fear not, as we explore two unique ways to bid farewell to your unwanted companions.

Selling Your Pals

In the vibrant and unpredictable world of Palworld, there’s no option to release captured Pals back into the wild. However, if you’ve got a Pal that no longer fits into your plans, the game provides you with the option to sell them off to Pal Merchants.

These wandering merchants might appear in your base or various settlements across the game world, offering you the chance to trade your Pals. While this is an opportunity to fill gaps in your collection by purchasing Pals, it’s essential to know that buying from merchants can be pricey, and selling your own Pals might not yield a substantial return.

Don’t forget about the elusive Black Merchant, who deals in rare Pals, making the encounter highly rewarding for avid collectors. Keep an eye out for these unique opportunities early in the game!

The Butcher’s Decision: Euthanizing Your Pals

Sometimes, saying goodbye involves more than just parting ways. In Palworld, you have the option to outright butcher your Pals, a drastic decision that can’t be applied to wild Pals. To unlock the Meat Cleaver technology, allowing you to carry out this action, you’ll need to reach player level 12.

Crafting the Meat Cleaver requires ingots, wood, and stone. While wood and stone are readily available, ingots must be produced by smelting ore. Once crafted, equip the Meat Cleaver to a weapon slot, transforming the “Pet” Pal option into “Butcher” Pal in the radial menu.

Keep in mind that only active Pals in your party can be butchered, and the action permanently removes the Pal from your party and Palbox. However, this method yields only basic Pal drops, like meat and wool, so it might be wiser to consider selling them to merchants for coin and invest in the Pals you truly desire.

Navigating the world of Palworld requires strategic thinking and tough decisions, so choose wisely as you forge your path in this charming and chaotic realm.