Palworld enthusiasts, rejoice! In the vast realm of Palworld, there’s a legendary Pal that’s making waves – Jetragon. This fire-breathing powerhouse is not just a challenge to conquer, but an invaluable addition to your Pal collection. Here’s the insider scoop on where to cross paths with Jetragon.

Finding Jetragon: A Hot Adventure Near Mount Obsidian

Jetragon, the epitome of Dragon-type prowess, lurks in the scorching Mount Obsidian region, snugly situated in the southwest corner of the map. Close to the Beach of Everlasting Summer Fast Travel point, unlocking this spot is crucial for a quick comeback after facing Jetragon’s fiery wrath.

Prepare yourself for the heat by donning top-tier heat-resistant gear, including options like Heat Resistant Pelt Armor, Heat Resistant Metal Armor, Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor, or the Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor. Surviving the blistering temperatures is key to emerging victorious in the ultimate showdown.

Besting Jetragon: Ice and Dragons Take the Stage

To conquer Jetragon, assemble a team of Ice-type Pals, exploiting its elemental weakness. The following Ice powerhouses will maximize your chances:

  • Chillet
  • Vanwyrm Cryst
  • Ice Reptyro
  • Wumpo
  • Frostallion

Engage in the epic battle before hitting Level 50, as the stakes rise with two bosses spawning at each location post that milestone.

Alternatively, employ other formidable Dragon-type Pals, including Orserk, Jormuntide, Quivern, and Azurobe. While your squad engages Jetragon up close, strategically fire away with an Assault Rifle from the outskirts, aiming for the head to inflict maximum damage.

When Jetragon is on the ropes, seal the deal by using a Legendary Sphere, unlocked at Technology Level 44. Your journey to capture the elusive Jetragon will be a test of skill, strategy, and, of course, your ability to withstand the heat! So, gear up, Palworld explorers, and may the flames of victory be forever in your favor.