In the vibrant world of Palworld, survival is the name of the game. To thrive in this wild landscape, you’ve got to make the most of everything at your disposal. Fortunately, your trusty Pals are here to lend a helping hand by providing essential resources.

Constructing Your Ranch

Once you’ve set up your base, the next step to survival excellence is building a Ranch. Unlockable at level 5 through the Technology menu, this haven for Pals requires a bit of level ground for optimal placement. Occasionally, you might even get away with a quirky glitched placement.

Gather the following materials to get your Ranch up and running:

  • 50 wood
  • 20 stone
  • 30 fiber

How to Assign Pals to Your Ranch

With your Ranch established, it’s time to put your Pals to work. These fuzzy companions can be assigned various tasks, but if you want to collect resources directly from them, a Ranch is the way to go.

After selecting a spot for your Ranch on your base, ensure you have Pals actively working there. If they don’t automatically utilize the Ranch, simply pick up a Pal and toss it onto the grounds. Watch them graze and work, effortlessly contributing to your resource pool.

Choosing the Right Pals

Your Pals are a diverse bunch, each with its own unique contributions. Almost any Pal can be assigned to the Ranch, and by checking the Palbox, you can see what goodies they’ll drop.

Here are some Pals that could be particularly useful on the Ranch:

  • Mozzarina: Expect milk drops while grazing.
  • Beegarde: The honey provider, along with a few other honey-producing Pals.
  • Chikipi: Drops eggs for cooking and recipes.
  • Woolipop: Cotton candy extraordinaire.
  • Mau: A gold-dropping Pal.

Palworld is an adventure, and with a well-managed Ranch, you’ll be on your way to resource abundance. So, get ready to watch your Pals thrive and your base flourish!