In the vast and ever-expanding world of Palworld, where creatures roam freely and resources are aplenty, uncovering the secrets of survival and construction becomes paramount. One such crucial resource is Coal, a gem that gains prominence as you ascend the levels, becoming a key ingredient for crafting advanced weaponry like Assault Rifles and Rocket Launchers. Fear not, fellow Palworld enthusiasts; this guide is your ticket to amassing all the Coal you’ll ever need.

The Desert Hunt: Where Coal Abounds

When it comes to tracking down Coal in Palworld, your best bet is to venture into the desert region near the center of the map. Positioned conveniently close to the Anubis boss fight, this area boasts abundant black rock deposits, the coveted Coal source. Equipping yourself with heat-resistant armor is essential to endure the scorching heat. The Tropical Outfit, attainable at Technology Level 9, crafted from two Flame Organs and three Cloth, proves to be the perfect companion for your desert expedition.

Ensure you wield a sturdy Metal Pickaxe, as tackling these rock formations demands durability. A fully repaired pickaxe is your ticket to sustained productivity, preventing frustrating breakdowns mid-mining. Keep an eye on your inventory space; Coal is weighty and can easily push you past your carrying limit. The last thing you’d want is to be stranded in the desert, pockets filled to the brim and movement restricted.

For those seeking alternative methods, consider targeting specific Pals like Blazamut and Menasting, who might drop Coal upon defeat or capture. While not a guaranteed source, the desert mining route remains the most efficient approach for building up your Coal stash in Palworld. So gear up, grab that pickaxe, and let the Coal adventure begin!