Palworld, much more than a Pokemon with firepower, adds survival elements to its gameplay. Beyond the thrilling battles and tower bosses, you’ll dive into a world teeming with resources essential for crafting, building, and even cooking to sustain you and your Pals.

The Quest for Milk in Palworld

In the midst of this expansive adventure, securing ingredients like Milk becomes crucial for your survival and Pal-breeding endeavors. Milk, a common and essential item for various recipes, can be acquired by following some simple steps.

Meet Mozzarina: Your Key to Milky Riches

In Palworld, you won’t find your average cows. To obtain Milk, you’ll need a particular Pal – meet Mozzarina. This cow-like Pal resides in the Bamboo Groves, located near the center of the map. To reach this grove, head west from the Ravine Entrance Fast Travel Point.

Once you spot Mozzarina, you have a choice: defeat or capture. Defeating them yields a bit of Milk, but capturing Mozzarina opens up a more sustainable option. By capturing and assigning Mozzarina to your Ranch, which you can build at Level 5 through the Technology Menu, you ensure a steady production of Milk at your camp.

Building Your Milk Empire

Constructing the Ranch requires 50 Wood, 20 Stone, and 30 Fiber. Once established, use your Palbox to assign Mozzarina to the Ranch. Now, sit back and enjoy a consistent supply of Milk without the hassle of constant searching. Simply return to your camp periodically to check on your Milk stash.

Of course, if you’re short on time or unable to locate Mozzarina, you can always purchase Milk from a merchant. The first merchant can be found northeast of the starting area in a Small Settlement, offering Milk for 100 Gold.

Remember, while buying Milk is an option, setting up your Mozzarina at the Ranch is the key to ensuring a cost-effective and steady supply in Palworld. Happy Pal-tending!