Palworld, the game of endless possibilities and customization, not only lets you personalize your character but also provides the freedom to customize various elements within the game. One such feature that adds a personal touch to your gameplay is the ability to write on signs. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of unlocking and making the most of this unique customization option.

How to Unlock Signs

Embarking on your Palworld journey? Customizing your base is crucial, and signs play a significant role in this process. Unlocking signs becomes possible at level 7 through your technology points. No need for rare fragments, just gather 10 units of wood, and you’re good to go. While it might seem like a small investment, having a logging site can make the process even smoother, especially if you plan on creating multiple signs. Navigate to the “other” tab in the build menu to find and place your signs.

How to Write on Signs

Once you’ve unlocked signs and found the perfect spot for them, the next step is to make them speak. Writing on signs is a breeze – simply build the sign, stand next to it, and wait for the prompt. On PC, press ‘F’, and on Xbox, use your Partner Skill or Reload button (usually ‘X’). These signs can be your secret weapon for organizing your base or marking important areas. However, Xbox users, beware of a bug that currently prevents text display on signs. Fret not; it’s a minor setback, and you can still enjoy the game until this gets resolved.

Conclusion: In the vibrant world of Palworld, writing on signs is not just a creative endeavor but a practical way to enhance your gaming experience. Unlock, customize, and let your signs tell your unique story in this imaginative universe.