Welcome to Palworld, where the thrill of exploration and discovery is at the heart of the game. Unlike other titles, Palworld lets you take the reins, leaving you to uncover its advanced mechanics, catch new Pals, build bases, and explore new areas without holding your hand. Even the story unfolds at your own pace, dropping hints and lore sporadically.

The Basics of Technology Points

In this vast and immersive world, Technology Points stand out as a vital resource to unlock new craftable items, pushing you to gradually expand your empire. Let’s delve into how you can amass these crucial points.

Gaining Technology Points

There are two straightforward ways to acquire Technology Points in Palworld: leveling up and activating fast travel points. As you explore, ensure you have enough food and shelter for survival, with a bed proving especially beneficial.

Level Up Strategically

While leveling up becomes tougher as you progress, there are ways to expedite your experience gain:

  • Explore new areas, capturing undocumented Pals for a substantial XP boost.
  • Capture 10 of the same Pal to receive an additional XP boost before moving on to new areas or Pals.

Ancient Technology Points: A Rare Find

Exclusive to unlocking Ancient Technologies, these points are essential for progressing through the tech tree. However, acquiring them is no easy feat.

To obtain Ancient Technology Points:

  • Defeat Syndicate bosses near high-tech Syndicate Towers for a rewarding 5 Ancient Technology Points.
  • Overcome field bosses for a less challenging victory, earning a single ancient technology point on each defeat. Remember, the first victory yields a tech point, while subsequent defeats offer valuable materials.

In the ever-evolving world of Palworld, mastering the art of accumulating Technology Points is your key to unlocking a realm of technological wonders. So, venture forth, level up wisely, and conquer those challenging bosses to ensure your empire’s technological ascent!