Palworld can be a wild ride, and to thrive in this gritty, Not-Pokemon universe, you’ve got to level up fast. Here’s your ultimate guide to becoming the strongest Pal catcher out there.

Getting Started: Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Embark on your Palworld journey with essential tips and tricks for beginners. From active and passive skills to technology points, we’ve got you covered on the basics.

How To Level Up Fast: Master the Art of Progression

Discover the quickest ways to level up in Palworld. Uncover the best stats to focus on, learn the secrets of active and passive skills, and find out how to gain technology points efficiently.

How To Gain Experience In Palworld

Everything you do in Palworld contributes to your experience points. Crafting, farming, and battling bosses all play a role. However, the real key is in catching Pals. Learn why catching the first 10 Pals of each type is crucial for a massive XP boost.

Palworld Progression Strategy: The Three-Step Power-Up

Unlock the ultimate progression strategy: travel to new areas, catch every type of Pal exactly 10 times to maximize experience, and repeat until you’re at the top of your game. It’s the Pal-catching journey of a lifetime.

Custom Settings: Leveling on Your Terms

Take control of your Palworld experience with custom settings. Learn how to manipulate the EXP gain slider in the Custom game mode to turbocharge your leveling speed. From 1 to 20, it’s your call.

Extras: Unleash Your Palworld Potential

Explore additional insights into Palworld. Find the best deals and cheapest ways to play, discover genius tricks like custom stairs, and dive into player discussions on the game’s unique features.

Whether you’re a seasoned Palworld player or just starting, this guide will level up your Pal-catching game like never before!