Chikipi, a seemingly useless chicken in the world of Palworld, is often relegated to farm duty or the dinner table. However, I took it upon myself to defy expectations and turn this poultry prankster into a powerhouse on my Pal fighting team.

The Underestimated Strength of Chikipi

In a world where battles are often won by shooting rather than by the prowess of your Pals, Chikipi stands out as a ‘joke character.’ Initially considered more suitable for farming or cooking, Chikipi became my unexpected champion.

I discovered that despite its weaknesses, Chikipi could shine with the right strategy. By feeding it a Poison Blast fruit, Chikipi gained a powerful Dark move, turning it into my team’s poisoner—a skill I learned to appreciate in battles.

The Five-Star Chikipi Evolution

To further enhance Chikipi’s capabilities, I embarked on a journey of sacrifice and improvement. Melting wild Chikipi into an ooze, I raised its rating to five stars. The process was time-consuming, involving multiple rounds of melting and refining, but the results were well worth the effort.

Chikipi also possessed the natural ability Ferocious, providing a 20% buff for attack damage. The game’s random assignment of abilities added an element of surprise and strategic consideration to the evolution of my Pal team.

The Explosive Twist – Chikipi’s Implosion

In a surprising turn of events, Chikipi spontaneously learned the move Implosion, a powerful but risky ability. This move not only inflicted massive damage but also set the enemy on fire. While a high-risk, high-reward maneuver, it added a dynamic element to Chikipi’s arsenal.

Despite the AI’s tendency to prioritize stronger moves, I learned to strategically use Implosion in battle, making Chikipi a formidable opponent.

Feeding the Fury – Grind and Progress

To further bolster Chikipi’s stats, I continued the grind by using Small Pal Souls and melting down more wild Chikipi. The process involved tracking down Syndicate members for Small Pal Souls and, thanks to the Free Pal Alliance, accumulating a stash of medium Souls.

The long and challenging journey transformed my once-mundane Chikipi into a powerhouse, capable of rivaling even the mighty Dragons encountered in my travels.

In the end, my Chikipi not only became a hard-hitting trouncer but also ensured that hunger was never an issue for me and my Pal companions. With over 100 Chikipi sautées cooked from the leftovers, my Palworld experience became a culinary adventure of its own.